Sunday, June 30, 2002

It's come to my attention that in the new American reich the post below might be construed as advocating some sort of forbidden action against the government. Well, the real enemy of the State is democracy. That's what Europe has that we don't. The State itself is a survival of feudal institutions into modern times; it hearkens back to a time when the State was the same as the landlords who controlled the country, when they had formal power over people and not just informal. Democracy and liberalism are the poison that kill the State, because freedom can't coexist with tyranny, it has to be either one or the other. Liberty means not having the State make your decisions for you--but it also means being an independent person and not one who's identity is submerged in some supra-concept like "America". We're a little behind the times here in the U.S.--we're pretty decentralized, which increases our liberty, but at the same time our concept of what life is about and what countries are about hasn't progressed to the point where we can say that the government works for us and our benefit and not the other way around. Of course beyond the government we have to take on Capitalism as well, but it's just that much harder to do when you have to combat the idea of an authoritarian state called "America".

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Are my posts going through?
I haven't posted in a while...I've been readjusting to things, been involved in a drama leading to my self imposed exile from Democratic Underground, been busy. But libertarianism calls, as always. I think it might be a good time to expound on the fiction of "The State".

First of all it should be noted that humans aren't different from other animals in that no matter how complex our civilization is we are collectively self regulating. Cats and dogs don't need a government to survive--their instincts provide a basis for cooperation and success. Their is nothing in the fact of being human which says that we are any different. Whether we acknowledge this fact or not we ARE essentially self regulating as a species. In the face of the interplay of human instincts and culture the State pales in comparison. Indeed, as John Stuart Mill pointed out, we couldn't survive a day if we weren't actually self regulating and instead relied on some outside authority to keep us in line. So what you have is human activity going on regardless of the political situation, people live their lives, make their choices, start families, regardless of what else is going on. In the face of this there's always some sort of controversy regarding people having power over others. But the way that people naturally live suggests that power over others shouldn't exist, and that whatever services are deemed neccesary should be given over to some local body with great hesitation and with many conditions. Political authority should not exist, but, as others have said, there should be "the administration of things" as opposed to the "governance of men". People should be free to pursue their own cultural creativity, and the State, or any other party line, prevents this from happening by busting people down to the lowest level possible--if they want to participate in normal life that is. Participation in mainstream life takes a veritable mental castration inflicted on oneself in the interest of being able to both get a job and not be on the wrong side of political opinion.
Which are often the same thing. So this society in particular has a bunch of people on top with a great deal of power trying to turn the nation into a country of mental eunichs in the interest of the State maintaining order.

The bourgeois film that the state puts over individual initiative has to be destroyed, has to be if people want to experience true liberalism. This has already happened in Europe as a result of intense struggle, but without this overthrow of the oppressive functions of the state here we will never be able to get to capitalism and to critique it.

In keeping with the theme of creative liberty secured by freedom from obediance to any sort of oppressive doctrine capitalism is the next feature of society that has to be changed.
As opposed to the State the economy has a modicum of existance, as it's the interface betwen people and the outside world, and so it's ramifications go beyond the simple power dynamics of the State. But this topic has been covered elsewhere on this site, needless to say the working class has to emerge triumphant against the bourgeoisie and usher in a true socialist, decentralized, society.

Hmm...You can't be neutral on a moving train I guess, as Howard Zinn wrote. I guess that I can't defend the broad left against both sectarian anarchism and liberals and at the same time campaign for a totally new interpretation of the left. So I've decided that what I advocate and what I want to communicate through this blog isn't just a rehashing of the old left debates but is instead a new current. This current isn't just me but encompasses a whole lot of the anti-globalization movement, including the Anarchist (at least the real ones). So instead of acting like I'm championing some ficitious Left which doesn't exist anymore I've decided to focus on writing positive articles trying to bring out a new interpretation of things. This new orientation will be, as the post below indicated, Council Communist, Autonomist Marxist-Leninist, and focussed on the liberation of the Working Class by the Working Class itself....This new movement is more important than what's come before it, and trails can't be blazed when you're looking backwards instead of forwards....Welcome to the new Thoughts from the Left!!