Tuesday, June 01, 2004

In case you haven't noticed I've moved to a new template.

The old one was old school blogger several times removed from the new system and, to put it quite frankly, the current Blogger software doesn't support it. They didn't tell me that their software doesn't support it but I tried to put a "Pacific Northwest Blogs" banner at the bottom, and put the Blogger graphic (which I found had been deleted), back on the page and in the process of doing it the template editor deleted my entire template except for my links page.
I didn't know this when I republished the whole fucking thing. I just checked the blog and....my site was gone. So now I'm moving up in the blogging technology world to something newer, which, unfortunately, I'm going to have to reprogram all my links for in order to get it to work. But hopefully in the process I'll be able to put the Spanish Civil War poster back up as well as put the Pacific Northwest Blogs banner up.

I'm turning off the comments section because I don't want to hear from you bastards about what you think of this blog. Send me an e-mail, don't pollute my blogspace.

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