Wednesday, June 23, 2004

An original, somewhat thought out, statement about society.

This blog gives lots of off the hip commentaries but there's more to life than that.....some cohesion has to be reached. So what follows is a meditation of sorts on life.

Society. I see the two paths open to society right now as being either totalitarianism, which is the bane of modern industrial capitalism, or agrarianis, which goes back a little ways before modern industrial capitalism really set in.

Totalitarianism is a state which naturally follows the total disconnect of man from nature and whatever sort of balance and limitation that nature puts on society through the reliance on technology, the rise of industrial capitalism, and the cultural counterfeit products which are the results of it....the media, tv, movies, newspapers, entertainment, music, mediated sports....institutions follow, so religion takes on totalitarian casts, schools take on totalitarian casts....culture gets reinvented as the patriotic Reich which this country has been experiencing for the past three years.

In the absence of any balance society goes totally in on itself and forms a new, total, culture, which dominates all aspects of life and admits no dissent.

It's a product of technology and capitalism. Don't think about your neighbors, instead, worship the flag, follow the president, drink hormone enriched milk, eat genetically modified food, while you talk on your cell phone non-stop, drive in a gas guzzling car, and have your entire cultural sphere created for you by advertising and the hollywood/music industry marketing scene.

That's totalitarianism. And if it's not offset soon it'll proceed further and further....into realms which history has furnished examples of in the not too distant past.

Agrarianism is the counterpoint....pre-capitalist or at least pre-industrial close enough to the basics of life so that you have a sense of real "economy", in it's classical sense, having real human interactions, real friendships, living in a real community...having a profession that really contributes to said economy in an obvious and visible way.....staying clear of too much centralization, including too much urbanization...thinking for yourself...not being parochial, although this is called agrarianism, but instead educating yourself with a liberal arts style curriculum so that you become a well rounded person who can understand life, art, poetry, politics, society, history....getting rid of the TV....

I don't see any other Give me a break. Post-Modernism was formulated while the Soviet Union still existed and South America was ruled by Fascist dictatorships, so I don't think that their conclusion that we'd entered a "post-modern" era has all that much weight. The Soviet Union and Fascism were nothing if not indicative of totalitarianism and hence of modernity at it's worst.

Agrarianism it is....Read Wendell Desert Solitaire...

Then go to the Southerners.....

If this country and this society manages to pull out of the current nightmare and into something stable it'll probably be through a mix of agrarianism, small-scale capitalism, and socialism. That's my hope.

The only other alternative I see is the monolith of total culture, which is a nightmare waiting to happen.

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