Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Fascist Party.

I have a new term to describe the media these days, it's the Fascist party. Not party in the sense of political party but party in the sense of celebration.

Think of it as a long cocktail party thrown by people who benefit from the fact that fascists and near fascists are in power, and don't have anything else to do but report what's told to them and enjoy the good life.

This fascist party seems like a continual bash, just sign on, leave your concern for who's being smashed over the head at the door and relax to a good drink and some stimulating conversation, with maybe some flirtation thrown in.

Which must have been how the Argentinian media operated during Peron's time and during the time of the Generals.

Ah, who cares about the death squads going around Buenos Aires, lets just sit back and report about the national renaissance that the Peronistas are leading, complete with a return to good family values and the religious principles that we all know and cherish.

Yeah, that's how the media operates today. It's a fascist party, but the question is whether they'll let the party be over come election day or whether it'll prove too sweet and they'll take measures to continue the weekend for another four years.

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