Saturday, July 10, 2004

Funny how things go and come around.

There might be some concern that concerning oneself with European political theory is somewhat irrelevant to contemporary American society.

I beg to differ. To be brief, liberalism isn't the only ideology that's dominated European and Western society for the past few millenia. The counterpart to liberalism, the sort of dialectical base which it plays off of, is hard core catholic religious and aristocratic conservatism.

To recognize one as being important while denying that the other exists, even in modified form, in American politics is just to deny reality.

This sort of Toryism made a great resurgence with the attack on 9/11. Suddenly, the whiggish republic of America made some very openly Tory and continental European stands on things.Where did it come from? Did it just materialize spontaneously or had it always been there, concealed because of the official anti-British conservative rhetoric of U.S. politics.

So, if you're pissed off at the way the country is heading right now it behooves you to pay attention to old world right wing politics.

After all, even though Bush and company might hopefully be gone from the scene come November the three years which their clique has spent in power and, more importantly, the endless supply of propaganda justifying their position and elaborating the sort of hard core politics that I'm describing in an American setting won't be going away.

That's a door which I predict will continue to stay open; people aren't going to forget it, anymore than sharks forget bloodlust.

So yeah, this is important stuff to deal with.

After all, how long before, after the fall of the Bush administration, will it be before radical conservatives start calling for a "Christian Revolution" in the U.S., one which is obviously fascist and which draws on the type of thought I'm talking about above.

But, be sure, there's no way to put the genie back in the bottle; this stuff has to be intelligently dealt with and refuted, it can't simply be ignored or denied if we want to meaningfully stop it in any way.

And it's always been here anyways so the sooner it's acknowledged the better, rather than trying to stuff it back in it's little package and wait for another 9/11 to bring it back out.

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