Sunday, July 04, 2004

Philosophy, the study and practice thereof.

If people doubt the efficacy of doing self education let me share a little passage from my life with you.

I'm not one to brag about accomplishments but I will say that with only
a one semester college intro to philosophy course and a one semester ethics course, and a one semester highschool intro philosophy course, behind me, well behind me as I graduated from highschool a while beginning to think that in not too far along the way I'll be attending my first highschool reunion while ago...with the college courses being years ago at this point, and with only my own self education filling in the blanks, I was able to walk into a four year college course on 19th century german philosophy and be one of the few people that actually understood what the fuck was going on.

That's something that's signed, sealed, delivered and official.

To those of you who doubt what kind of a coup this is try intensely studying Kant, Hegel, and the rest of the german romantics on your own and see how far you get.

Not bad for a person who, earlier in his highschool career, went to a school where drugs were sold openly and constantly in the bathrooms and gang members openly bragged in class about things like putting shot guns up to the necks of fellow dealers who owed them money and asking them if they wanted to live or die.

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