Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hmm...stories, actually I shouldn't say stories because the word stories implies that there are actually some facts and some events behind the news presentation, so, let us say, some editorials dreamed up by think tanks which say that now Al-Qaeda is trying to recruit non-Muslims and women.

Actually, to be quite honest, the thorn in the side of the left is that it's never taken the time to refute Al-Qaeda point by point but has instead just called them crazy. There isn't enough time or space here to do such a thing but a word to the wise: if anyone is going to recruited to Al-Qaeda it's probably going to be people who are part of militant right-wing organizations that are aligned to fascism and moderate Nazism rather than straight hardcore neo-nazism or pro-American ultra-conservatism.

Not people who are on the left who are protesting the war and are anti-globalization.

If you want proof, hey, some fascist sites have links to the Hamas manifesto on them as well as to the Christian fascist writings of the Lebanese Phalange, which was the Christian component of the Lebanese civil war. They also link to Qadaffi's "Green Book", his sort of manifesto.

So the links are there, it's just that they aren't on the left but on the extreme right that's not enholdened to Americanism and has a more internationalist perspective.

But, then again, they aren't going to target Nazis as being terrorists, are they? Not when quite a few people in police offices and government offices hold similar views.

Which is why this country is so fucked up; Bush and Bin Laden can meet on broad ideological issues because they're both on the right....Reagan and Bush Sr. gave a signed copy of the Bible to Khomenei during the Iran-Contra scandal as a token of their appreciation; surely they're on similar wave lengths or could at least understand the general thrust of each other's position.

And the cancer eats away at the rest of it. Bush and Bin Laden at the top, white supremacists and cops being broadly attracted to the same philosophies which spawn radical religious islamist groups at the bottom.

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