Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Michael Moore syndrome hits again, this time with Steve Gilliard

Ah, I knew that if it ever came down to it that the 'patriotic' left would come out dirty and reactionary, effectively dismissing people on the left for not being patriotic enough or connected with American reality in order to further their own partisan ideas.

Just like the Republicans do.

Here, Steve Gilliard exemplifies the trend.

Highlights from the article " It's amusing because despite their pretentions, people like Palast have made it in American life. He was well-off enough to move to England. The only way most Americans do that is with a military ID. So-called radicals like Alex Cockburn can complain about Kerry while sipping Chardonay and working on $3,000 laptops. Now, they can claim to be on the side of the working man all they want, but no working man sees that. Why do you think so many vote Republican? Because these people live in an alien world from them."

In other words, they're Limousine Liberals, right Anne?

Yes, we have our own proto-Coulters who are ready to fuck over anyone on the Left they don't agree with with Patriotic and 'pro-worker' bullshit.

Which is why the Michael Moore strategy is wrong.


Because you can't ape the right and say it applies to the left without absorbing a great deal of the right into your ideology. Saying "I don't hate America, I looove America, and not only that, I love America for the reasons Republicans SAY they do, only I really mean it" is an indication that, yes, you too believe in the basic bullshit that Republicans lay down, only you're willing to try to manipulate it for the left without ever thinking that there might be some basic flaw in this sort of belligerant, chauvanistic, patriotic nationalism.

I suppose Steve Gilliard thinks that we should all shut up and that our free speech is unpatriotic and therefore wrong. After all, why should Limousine Liberals who supposedly sip chardonnay while working on $3,000 laptops have the right for freedom of speech anyways?

You demonize an enemy and then it's easy to justify taking away their rights, including the right to express themselves.

Should I be submitting my working class bonafides to Fuhrer Gilliard in order to operate this site now?

I wonder.

This is why, for example, the model of organizing, looking at the world, which the Left had developed in the '40s in the U.S., mainly by the Communist Party, was totally overthrown and ripped to shreds in the sixties and seventies by progressive activists...who didn't believe that rah rah America, especially not rah rah America go(white) working man, was especially healthy.

Not much has changed to suggest that that strategy isn't flawed.

I have some advice though: don't play this game of trying to be more worker than thou or more patriotic on the left than thou while supporting the utterly conventional policies of John Kerry unless you want to get your dick caught in the fan.

Which people like that always do.

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