Friday, August 06, 2004

The Republicans.

Remember when, way before 9/11, people would say "You know those Republicans, they're just fascists and given the chance they'd put into place a conservative christian dictatorship"?

And remember how when conservatives came into contact with this sort of rhetoric how they'd dismiss it as the rantings of the looney left (which, I should say, turncoats like the Democratic Socialists of America took to labelling their leftist opponents as members of), as evidence of how out of touch we were?

Well, if you ever needed a reason to discredit the Republicans the last three years in America stand as a continuing testament to the bankruptcy and crypto-fascist tendencies within the Republican party, which were, in fact, just waiting to come out given the chance.

So you want an argument for why Republicans are not good people and are instead out to destroy this country and everything it stands for? Take your pick.

Get a few darts out, put the Republican platform on the wall, close your eyes, throw, and I'll guarantee you'll hit something which justifies calling them fascists.

Gee, we really were reactionaries, weren't we? To think that if a major disaster happened that Republicans would exploit it to advance ultra-conservative, anti-democratic goals is just unthinkable, right?

Well, ecce homo. Here is man, here are the Republicans in fine form. The Republicans, theoretically at least, had several options on how to respond to 9/11. They could, theoretically, have proved us wrong and pushed a moderate response. Even a conservative response, if you will, to 9/11. But they didn't. They proved our point in spades beyond anything that we could ever demonstrate.

Remember that.

My personal hope is that when this is all over the Republicans will be so discredited that Democrats and Leftists will have the entire political hegemony to themselves, because no one in their right mind will want to be associated with that party.

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