Saturday, August 07, 2004

There has to be equibilibrium asserted every now and again.

This is sort of implicit on this site; I mean obviously there are philosophical articles and then there are really critical articles, and then some of the philosophical articles are really critical, but, well, be that as it may, the stuff that I'm concerned with in terms of philosophy and society could not exist where people were running rampant doing crazy shit all the time.

It's not either one or the other, but the weight of society and what it takes to keep society going weighs itself against critical things which are disruptive of society by their very nature.

I think that the greater weight should be on society, simply because without it nothing would exist whatsoever; I'm not, and never have been, and I hope this is clear on the site and in my writings, a person who asserts 'let's tear it all down and start over tomorrow'.

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