Tuesday, August 03, 2004

You know, and the worst part of all of this conservatism in culture is that it's all a fucking lie.

Pick up the Nation issue on marriage and see the comments on marriage that people wrote. These guys and gals are middle aged folks, probably with children, and they're saying, hey, guess what, Marriage doesn't really matter all that much since we don't really believe in it anyways and we like cheating on each other and having relationships....

It's like, thanks ma and pa for not telling us sooner.

You could have saved all us young people a few collective nervous breakdowns by being honest about your feelings and behaviors instead of acting like this while ramming the idea of settling down with a wife (or husband) and 2.5 kids down our throats "for our own good".


Now, you folks have no right to complain about us slacker folks not following in your footsteps because...you don't follow in your footsteps whatsoever.

And it's probably the same on a lot of issues, only instead of being honest and thereby liberalizing this society these older folks are holding their tongue because they feel that telling the truth would corrupt us.

How can you promote cultural conservatism when you don't believe in it, and don't practice it?

I'd rather everything came out and society, by recognizing this, becoming more liberalized than to have something which no one believes in be promoted just for the sake that some of it somewhere down the line, may 'help' someone in ways which no one knows about and no one can articulate but which people feel just has to be the right way to do things.

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