Friday, September 17, 2004

And you wonder why people don't like capitalism...AlterNet on "The Women of Wal-Mart"

Let's see here: managers who ask female colleagues if they want to have a threesome out back of a strip club, with a stripper as the third,
managers passing over someone who's worked there nine years for a promotion, then demoting the person in question and putting someone in charge of her who she supervised for several years...someone carrying out a personal vendetta against a woman because he believed that she should be at home with her kids instead of pursuing a management level job, then having her transferred to a store two hours away and having her sexual life investigated.

Yep, you know, this is why I'm not out there trying to be the best little worker that I can be, doing what the system requires, taking business classes on the side, and all the rest....because it's a load of bullshit once you strip away the 'yay, we're great!' patina.

Wal-Mart would like to present itself as the #1 ally in Bush's "War on Terror", as being the most goll-durned patriotic company in the United States..........whose managers enjoy group sex with strippers, it would seem.

Yes, in saying that I resist getting into situations like working for the worst of corporate capitalism, I'm admitting my privelege, in that most people who do never got a chance to do anything else while I obviously did and took it, but I know as well that not having the choice doesn't mean that these guys really enjoy it and that especially young working class kids don't want to work for Wal-Mart for the rest of their frickin' lives if they can help it, and don't enjoy it that much to begin with.

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