Wednesday, September 08, 2004

But of course this (the United States) is the country which lobotomized people in the fifties because they were "anti-social". Which means that they weren't happy and thought that the fifties optimism was bullshit.
And the political establishment of the time came as close to endorsing the proposition that people who dissented from the Cold War consensus were mentally ill as it's possible to do in the U.S., where the government doesn't issue endorsements or make statements of that sort.

So one can't expect much.

Jesus Christ, to be buried underneath ignorance clothed in optimism, that's a hell I wish to avoid.

And you know that's what fuels the optimism, stone ignorance. No one except a constant stream of folks coming right off the farm could actually support and believe this stuff. Yep, right off the farm and right into persecuting liberals who have book 'learnin and who don't think that everything is peachy keen.

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