Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Or is it more a Christian thing?

Damn, I hate these things with their no 'undo' rules. I just got done making a strong case that jews haven't been persecuted for ethnic reasons but rather because Christians can't seem to be civil enough, even in this supposedly enlightened age, to let them live amongst them without bringing up religious bullshit, but now it's gone with the wind...

My point was that Jewish persecution existed in the west because the west was Christian....and that Israel exists because the west is Christian, by extension, but that people don't bring up the fact that this is really because of religious bullshit because it would be too uncomfortable a truth in this day and age.

Instead it's because of some vague Jewish nationalism.

I was saying that this being the case there should be some way besides the formation of the state of Israel to deal with this problem, and that if there isn't then we should be ashamed of ourselves.

And of course in a macabre way it helps that your persecutor has also taken over much of the world.

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