Thursday, October 28, 2004

Alexander Cockburn: Kerrycrats and the War

Well, um, yes.

This election is one where there are unfortunately several currents of thought which are at odds with each other circulating.

I happen to believe that a Kerry win is in the best interest of the country and of the world, and have trumpeted it on this site previously, although I haven't made a real show about it since then, mainly because I believe Bush is so bad.

In my reckoning, at least, defeating Bush is #1.

Ok, that's one level, at least as I see it.

On another level you have the collapse of progressive democrats, which is pretty shameful.

Regarding them, when I came out with my blog's endorsemenet of Kerry for President I made it clear that while I thought he would be a good choice, that I hadn't changed my opinion of the behavior of the democrats towards the democratic processs in general and towards politics at all.

I still believe that.

Although a Kerry win would be vitally good, acting like the brownshirts in trying to prevent Nader from exercising his right as an American is not.

I've been thinking today, reading the internet news, that all this net ink spilled on trying to convert Nader voters would be better spent trying to convert Bush supporters to Kerry supporters.

Why aren't these guys doing that sort of voter outreach?

Could it be that it's easier to beat up on Nader voters because culturally they're more like them than it is to convert Bush supporters because they come from a different demographic?

Possibly, but I digress.

What I'm trying to say is that although a Kerry win is the right thing the left has gone about supporting Kerry in about the worst way possible, signing onto group think and intimidation.

Which doesn't feel good.

What am I supposed to say?

I take things realistically. Vote for Kerry, then organize.

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