Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bush not wired because Bush campaign says so

Wow, now I know why I don't read MediaChannel anymore.

The writer of this article condemns people suggesting that Bush is wired because an official from the Bush campaign denied it.

The author is supposed to be objective but he can suspend his objectivity, obviously, because

"McKinnon [the Bush campaign guy he talked to] is by most accounts one of the top media strategists and image-makers in the business, having helped to elect a slew of Democrats before switching sides and successfully running media operations for Bush's first presidential campaign in 2000. Although now a died-in-the-wool convert, McKinnon is different from many Bush operatives in that he is open, responsive, and often displays a keen sense of humor, as evidenced by his emailed response to my query"

So his word is gospel.


Should have known that.

The Bush campaign wouldn't have any interest in denying the story, would they?

What planet did this guy come from.


Incidentally, in my ever expanding list of reasons why I don't read this or that site or magazine, I don't read MediaChannel because Mr. Danny Schecter, who runs it, sputtered against Chomsky condeming Bush for the Afghanistan war and signed on with the ultra-patriots.

Public record, Mr. Schecter, whether you like it or not.

Incidentally, that whole strategy of formatting your HTML so people can't select and copy for quotes doesn't work, MediaChannel, because people can just select "View Source" and copy and paste from there, which is exactly what I did.

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