Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A follow up

Why kitsch, why post-modernism?

American post-modernism was a response to the great and unavoidable bourgeois domination of American culture. No reality or reality check existed from which to test ones' theories or ideas, so reality had to be sought out at the margins where it still existed, in the weird and in the obscure, in the kitschy and in the forgotten. In the lost places which exist along America's highways, you could say.

What is this kitsch that people like but a hearkening back to another time when culture was less solidified into a sort of mediocre mass, as it was during the 1980s, and instead more...not even valid, but simply living?

Now here we are on the other side of the process. Were we succesful in resurrecting the dead?

I don't know but we face two options, neither one is good. First option is a continuation of modernity in all it's industrial glory, second is a return to something else.

First one will fail...hyper modernity without balance is always doomed. Second one may or may not happen directly but, in the end, will happen as modernity destroys itself and looks for some sort of more balanced alternative.

Did we succeed in resurrecting the dead? It seems the dead will resurrect themselves, one way or the other.

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