Friday, November 26, 2004

Just back from the wilds of British Columbia and already pissed off..

Ah, Canada, especially B.C., a really nice place.

I've been there for a few days, and I was going to write about U.S. issues in light of Canadian stuff going on, especially the huge debate going on now in Canada about equalization of funds going to provinces. Some people have pointed out that, proportionally, the southern states and the states that voted for Bush in general are net recipients of federal money--despite their pro-work, anti-welfare stance. People have gone on to say that, yes, this isn't fair. Isn't fair for rich states to subsidize poor states like that while the poor states bitch and complain about government waste and, most especially, about Taxes---which they don't pay a lot of but which they wind up using a lot of, meaning that people in blue states are paying for it.

The distribution of federal aid is a big deal in Canada, just like it is in the E.U., and is a legitimate topic of conversation and debate. Here there's nary a word said about it. The federal government is just some anonymous beast that sucks money up and spits it back out with no oversight. We could have the same debate here and press for legislation establishing parity in how much a state can benefit from federal aid without contributing much of its own.

That said, now that I'm back in the U.S. I find that we're still in a world of shit on many fronts.

Which is a sad, sad thing.

We're still doing crazy things across the world, still acting like the biggest assholes on the planet, still harassing other countries for simple things like wanting to sign onto the World Criminal Court, on and on.

Oh, to live in an America where the biggest problem was the granting of residency permits to strippers, which is another big Canadian scandal going on now which threatens to bring down the minister in charge of immigration.

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