Friday, December 31, 2004

Calling all Coulters: Ted Rall

A link to a Rall blog entry talking about his web challenge to Ann Coulter...

Mentions that Ann has this gem on her website: ""To The People Of Islam: Just think: If we'd invaded your countries, killed your leaders and converted you to Christianity YOU'D ALL BE OPENING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS RIGHT ABOUT NOW! Merry Christmas"

It makes me wonder what kind of person she was in highschool.

You know. Was she a dork? Did she wear glasses?

I'm betting she wasn't the cheerleader type, that she was a social outcast of sorts, although not the cool type, more like the just plain boring social outcast, and got a really bad inferiority complex over it, which she seeks to remedy by being the biggest Republican bitch that she can possibly be, and by wearing leather outfits on her books that she thinks make her sexy.

If Ann can be the biggest Republican out there she'll get that date to the prom she wanted.

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