Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Freedom and the necessity of having an economy which meets the needs of society

Personal issues, personal issues, they're the grist which the mill of mental work uses for it's continual production.

Anyways, after a day where things didn't seem to be working out in relation to finding things in the world, it came to me that one of the reasons why social services and other things in this country are so non-functional is because everyone is free to choose whatever occupation they want without any consideration given to what the actual needs of the country are.

Which sounds really authoritarian, but it isn't, not by any means. There's nothing preventing people from going to school, studying, getting licensed (if necessary), and setting out their shingle in their dream profession. No limit to the amount of people who do this. get a huge amount of lawyers, a huge amount, of course, of businessmen, pursuing their 'entrepreneurial ideal', a huge amount of people interested in various other high pay, high prestige jobs, and then the amount of interest and qualified people seems to go down pretty sharply when it comes to jobs which are less glamourous but nevertheless essential to society.

Since there isn't any sort of government or scholastic pressure to limit the amount of people applying for certain jobs and promote applications in other fields you end up with a lot of starry eyed people pursuing their dreams who could be functioning much better doing an essential service which they were more qualified for and which was needed much more urgently.

Not everyone can have that glamourous job. The economy wouldn't support it. But without any thought given to the proportion of people employed in various industries you end up with a situation where large gaps in the economic structure of society open up, which hurt others, and make living life in general more difficult and inefficient.

People may argue that to say that the government or schools or whatever entity is out there, society itself, should establish a more planned idea about professions and employment is to be against liberty and against self-determination, but unless you're the type of anarchist who thinks that the individual liberty is to be preserved above all social considerations then, as socialists and leftists, you must admit that at certain times society has a claim upon the individual which supercedes the whims of adolescent decisionmaking.

There are social necessities.

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