Thursday, December 09, 2004

No praise for Howard Dean

Ok, this link is to Dean's picture of the democratic party and how it seeks to recover things...

For some reason this article is like too far.

I've always seen Dean as being a second string alternative candidate for the Democratic Party...meaing, first off, I don't like the Democratic party at all, and, secondly, I only supported Democrats this time along because I thought that defeating Bush was so important, and, thirdly, of the Democrats who were out there I put my support behind Kucinich, and fourthly, I only came to have any sort of support for Kerry after every sort of progressive alternative was ruled out, including Dean.

I was realistic about the Kucinich campaign but I nevertheless thought it was a good thing to do, something which I didn't have to hold my nose to participate in.

In that context, now that the election is over, where does that put Dean?

As the sort of progressive person who many people flocked to because they wanted anybody but Bush?

That's hardly a mandate.

I guess now I'm failling to see why Dean is still important.

He wasn't that attractive to begin with and now, since the election was lost, we have bigger problems.

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