Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Probe Here Over Aired Arab Slurs; Arafat Mourners Derided on MSNBC

This is the best justification for hate crimes laws that I've ever seen.

Imus and friends call Palestinians pigs who deserve to die through being nuked, and then laugh because they don't want to kill the white NBC anchorwoman who lives in Palestine.

Far from the bullshit that PC people usually put out there, this is something that really warrants concern.


Because hate crimes laws as they apply to these sorts of circumstances acknowledge that, yes, people can be swayed by radio broadcasts and television and that if you have a 'shock jock' joking about it being allright to kill Palestinians and Arabs you'll see more attacks on Arabs in real life.

Inciting racial hatred isn't some sort of fantasy; if a person gets on the radio day after day telling people why they should lynch the blacks in their town, and people do it, then they're responsable.

There is no limit between what people today consider the rude and crude edge and actual incitement to violence.

It goes along with the utter lack of compassion in American society...

Just like our indifference to the poor extends from simple self help to actually causing people to step over emaciated bodies while complaining about them being lazy our so-called flirtation with the extreme knows no limit or line between 'edgy' and 'pro-murder'.

Which is why hate crimes laws, like human rights, are good things to recognize and to have.

But we reject human rights in this country too, so why should we recognize the rights of people not to have mob violence incited against them?

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