Tuesday, February 15, 2005

An addendum to the things I've written

Ok, In the foundational documents section I outline a sort of scenario involving totalitarianism, modernity, and socialism, which says that industrial capitalism produces the seed bed for totalitarianism and that therefore we need to reign everything in as a solution to this. Reign everything in in the sense of actively preventing the parts of modernity which, in my opinion, contribute to a potential totalitarian or fascist state from gaining ground.

This isn't a realistic expectation. In fact, it's just what the cold war liberals suggested in THEIR formulation about what totalitarianism was and formed some of the groundwork for the cold war consensus about what politics was about, which was a greatly constricted sphere in their opinion....since to try anything really ambitious would be to invite the spectre of totalitarianism into the picture.

This isn't the case, and I would be the last person to want to recapitulate the prejudices of these people in my theory.

Therefore, I think the solution to the modern world is to accept and work with the modernity, to some degree, in producing a socialism which partakes of it while being democratic and while reigning in some of modernity's worst features.

I think that negotiated modern society's are the only way society will go, not much we can do, and that it'll either be a fascist society or a socialist society.

I hope that it's socialist. Socialism in this case can mean either European social democracy or some sort of semi social democrat Reform Communism.

What all of these systems have in common is that they address the mythic as well as attempt to provide for the needs of society.

The mythic isn't neccesarily bad; in socialism it serves a subordinate purpose...with fascism it's unfortunatly everything.

But either way, modernity doesn't meet the social needs of people, and that needs to be addressed, and it doesn't meet the more intellectual and mental needs of people, the need for community, belonging, and culture, which the mythic touches, and that needs to be addressed as well.

I believe very strongly that society's call forth what they need, or what they fear.

So either way some sort of negotiation with this stuff will happen.

What that means in practical terms is that the features of modernity, the industrialism, the sort of new things, need to be negotiated so that they are manifested in a humane way.

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