Thursday, February 17, 2005

Adding to the added comment to the current times post

I guess what I was trying to say in that is that, in my opinion, the traditional sort of liberal capitalist democracy is finished. The US is probably the only one left in the entire industrialized world. In Europe Social Democracy has changed things so much that liberal capitalism is widely discredited, threatening revanchist responses by the capitalists themselves.

No, the US is the last bastion.

And I don't think that the US position has much of a future; either it'll destroy itself or it'll be reformed, either way destroying the ideology.

The post-war world was a gift, one which the US economy benefitted greatly from but which is not likely to be repeated.

I think, to jump around even more, that this is still, that the problem is still, much like the one that the world faced in the years leading up to WWII, with Communism on one side, Fascism on the other, but with the difference being that there are more choices now, that democratic socialism has proven itself to be a third option which does not negate the socialist vision too severly and which avoids the ideological and social distortions of the Communist world.

Back then, so the argument goes, the world seemed poised between two equally unacceptable options.

I don't mean to suggest that things like Anarchism or Autonomism don't have a place, indeed, this is a semi-autonomist web log.... but I do think that before these movements have a chance of becoming the main organizing factors for society in the United States that we have to move in a much more broader way to a social system which throws traditional liberal capitalism behind.

This system will then provide the cover that these movements need to prove themselves and to advance.

Which is not to say that they shouldn't organize now, but there's a difference between organizing in the expectation of becoming the main force in society and organizing in order to try to do your best with what you have.

The first type,I believe, would most profitably be done within the framework of a society that had already moved to a social democratic system.

However, Unlike others, I don't think that anyone should stop doing anything that they're doing because the 'historical times are not right'.

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