Friday, February 11, 2005

Beyond Self-Management

I've been grappling with this problem lately: what happened in Yugoslavia after Tito's death has been connected to some of the negative consequences of self-managed reading of the situation is that the self-management turned into a mass bourgeois-ification campaign which lead to a resurgence of nationalist sentiment by former workers who had adopted middle class values through the self management experience.

This being a possible do you get beyond it and institute self-management and decentralization without therefore replicating the bourgeois world and eroding socialism through the strengthening of capitalist class instincts?

My thought on this comes back to a concept which, if not fleshed out well, was at least articulated by Raoul Vaneigem in an essay entitled "Masters without Slaves" which, using Hegelian terminoloy, suggested the possibility of connecting workers with traditionally upper class values as being the solution to the problem of how to avoid the pitfalls of the middle class.

This seems good to me.

Cut out the middle man altogether and go for the prize: teach workers what the aristocrats and the upper classes learned for hundreds of years.

Dispense altogether with the middle class and democratize upper class knowledge and learning.

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