Thursday, March 31, 2005

I guess I should add something to that last post

Which is the huge disconnect between the lefty echosphere of progressive talkers and the reality of Democratic party policy.

Liberals can go to talks where they're condemned as personally responsable for the genocide against the Native Americans, have their cry fests, all they like, and yet left-liberals have about zero impact on policy decisions which affect real Native Americans.

The Democratic Party as a whole does and the Democratic Party doesn't do squat.

My feeling is that when these kids grow up in that situation they don't see the world as ruled by the liberal masochists but rather by Democratic ignorers who by their actions discredit the liberal idea.

So it doesn't matter how much guilt the people who populate the left-liberal echosphere instill, when people wake up and go out in the morning they see the actions of mainstream liberalism.

And sometimes they surely become disenchanted from it and become Nazis.

Why would they stay? Because a bunch of white lefties feel guilty about the genocide of the Native people, white lefties whose caring or meanness means nothing to their lives?

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