Monday, March 14, 2005

Kosovo and the Southern Balkans

In a way the first Yugoslav conflict set the stage for the U.S. intervention in Kosovo to be viewed as a humanitarian effort with very little self interest behind it.

This is really a wrong analysis; the resolution of the Civil War was much more of a genuine humanitarian effort than was Kosovo. But the suffering which was endured then was enough to give our little adventure legitamacy.

The fallout from Kosovo continues, although it's mostly not reported here. Our efforts to liberate the Kosovar Albanians have resulted in Macedonia being destabilized, to the reviving of the VRMO, which is a Macedonian far-right movement, and to a lack of stability in Greece. Coupled with a 'friendly' military presence by U.S. forces on the southern Balkan penninsula.

Man, the things you that the Kosovars dressed up corpses to look like they'd been murdered by the Serbs, Specifically, taking people who had died in the course of the conflict from various causes and arranging them.

But, hey, we're the good guys, right? We liberated the virtuous Kosovar Albanians and now we're making the world a series of democracies.

There's a conintuity of bullshit here, it's not all the racist Christianity versus the Infidels model that liberals like to point out, running from the humanitarian missions in the Clinton years to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Yes, humanitarian missions....we had little business being in Kosovo, none being in Somalia, and less than none invading Haiti during the Clinton years.

I'm still puzzling out the reversals there. First we invaded Haiti to put Aristide back in power then we invaded again to kick him out? When we found out that he was somewhat populist and not our lackey?

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