Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More '80s indicators

Or, movies they won't show on TV nowadays because they're politically incorrect.

I'm thinking about two in particular: Twins and Back to the Future part 2.

Twins is an indicator of the '80s in that it was perfectly acceptable to picture a eugenics program as the focal point of a movie, with a terrible mishap occuring leading to an Aryan Arnold Schwarzenegger being produced and a person "all the shit went into" (a direct quote) being a short Jewish Italian peson with a New York accent.

What this tells us about '80s culture is self evident.

Then there's Back to the Future Part 2, where the directors give us their idea of what America would look like if the workers took over: Biff, the stupid idiot from Part 1, is now in charge and the nice white middle class town which the people lived in is now dominated by casinos, pollution, and strip clubs, with Biff as a criminal boss who beats his wife and sexually exploits her.

No one seems to have really objected to the characterizations in these movies.

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