Monday, April 04, 2005

Confessions of an Economic Hitman review from "In these times"

Where Mark Engler points out that the book really isn't that substantial. I could tell that from the interview he gave on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. It's just my own observation, but he passed himself off as an alcoholic sex crazed guy and not exactly like a credible source. I mean, he actually hit on Amy Goodman during the interview. Not something which earns you points. Yeah, when someone starts their story about how they were recruited to subvert third world economies by saying things like that they have weaknesses for alcohol, power, and sex and the NSA exploited all of them, it doesn't bode well.

Says quite a bit about where they're coming from that David Korten and Walden Bello endorsed the thing as being groundbreaking, with Walden Bello making his endorsement in Porto Alegre, at the World Social Forum. The same forum where, a few years back, some jackass from Italy said that if you oppose globalization you're now officially in the 'anarchist international', which doesn't exist and which, even if it did exist, would probably not allow many of the people who attended the World Social Forum in.

He was relying on these pseudo-philosophical arguments from Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt, co-authors of the book which stops a thousand doors, "Empire". It stops a thousand doors because it's just the right size for a doorstop and most people probably read only a few pages, decide it's bullshit, and try to find a better use for it.

Anyways, this guy made the prattle about the 'anarchist international'.


People want their bad guys, don't they? They want specific people who do bad things, they can't accept that systems themselves produce negative results with cruel inhumanity.

Of course, on the other hand, there are some lefties that make too much about systems, relying on figments of their imagination like Kondratieff waves to explain everything.

K-Waves, as Ernest Mandel refers to them as, are not real and the idea of "long waves" has been completely discredited. But to some Trotskyists the Kondratieff wave explains it all. I can picture it now: things aren't going as planned, they sit back in their studies, by their little desks, rub their hands together, and say "He He, I know the Kondratieff waves will prevail." and smile to themselves in contradiction to everything they see around them.

They know "the truth", after all. They have the inside track on things.

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