Saturday, April 30, 2005

I have to gloat: Seattle Weekly:"Revolutionary Kitsch", by Andrew Engelson, about NSK

Thank god NSK is finally getting the credit it deserves. It's been overlooked, made to appear fascist, relegated to the margins, everything except actually being looked at seriously. At least by a mass market alt. weekly like the Seattle Weekly. Now, in the wake of the spectacular NSK exhibit going on at the Frye art museum right now, , it's making the big time. Much overdue.

The exhibit is wonderful; I've already been there and it delivers. It's the biggest collection of Irwin collective NSK art in the United States at the moment, and features Laibach uniforms and other memorabilia as well, images from a stage production NSK put on, and a cheesy video display which seems to feature "Geburt Einer Nation" (Birth of the Nation, the "One Vision" cover) and Tanz mit Laibach alternating endlessly. The "Geburt Einer Nation" video leaves much to be desired, it's essentially a video of Milan Fras, the singer, belting out the song on a stage with two Laibach drummers in the background and orange light for a backdrop. I think I'll just listen to the CD, no offense. I was hoping that I'd see the video for "Wirtschaft ist Tot" (Economy is dead), which, judging by the still shots on the NSK athens website looks pretty good. It was promoted on the Frye's website, but I didn't see it.

There's also some really good explanatory notes, which make it extremely clear where these folks are coming from, which I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by the people who come in there not knowing much about NSK.

Anyways...this is a great triumph. Here's something to show the hipsters a thing or two: here's the real avant-garde, boyz.

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