Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sam Parry: 'Liberals: Bullies or whipping boys?'

Ah, the liberal whipping boy.

The article points out how, time after time, Republicans have used arguments against liberals (and by extension other people on the same side of things) which are so over the top that it's unbelieveable while liberals have not only refused to answer these arguments with similar vitriol but have even urged restraint in argumentation where there's no conceivable reason for doing so, and where being restrained actually hurts one's cause rather than helps it.

I look at how the liberals act and I feel like saying to them "You know, I'd love to get mad and agry against these people for you, but you people are the ones preventing people who want to engage in real arguments from getting what needs to be done done."

Just whose public image are we trying to salvage here, with being nice and civil? The public image of democrats and liberals held by people who already hate us? Who obviously don't give a damn about restraint? Let's cut our losses, not be nice to them, and try to attract people willing to actually stand up to the right wing.

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