Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Dangerous Moment

Right now is a time which could be risky or could be smooth sailing. What I mean by that is that the Bush administration is finally having their backs pressed against the wall because of declining support for the Iraq war and general discontent with the scandals associated with the administration and with the Republican party. Like any animal that's being cornered there's the danger of it lashing out and fighting tooth and nail against those who have cornered it. The Bush administration may do this, which would mean clamping down on dissent, and possibly something like a manufactured terrorist crisis,or it may do nothing. I don't know. But whether the Bush administration will let itself go down in flames or whether it will bring everyone else kicking and screaming with it is probably the most important question of our day. Will it go gracefully or will it ratchet up the ante by doing something which restricts civil rights?

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