Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah, comments about "The Clash"

Personally, I like people commenting on the Clash post and complaining. It's the sort of thing I wake up in the morning for. Anyways, my position on it is roughly the same as Genesis P-Orridge's, as enunciated in this passage from an interview:

"....We were doing that, and then the punk thing was happening. We knew a lot of those people personally. And it's in a few magazines where they would do that famous quote, "Learn three chords - form a band." And I would always answer, "Why learn three chords?" See - to me, learning three chords and then forming a band, that whole sentence actually says, we really want to be able to play, and we want to be in a band. And the word "band" immediately means music business and promotion and image and everything else and it means wanting to succeed and have a career - to me. And I think it did subconsciously to them and that's why you ended up with The Clash doing drivel, The Sex Pistols in clothing and so on. The bottom line was, it was just rock'n'roll - they all just wanted to be rock'n'roll bands. Fair enough - but it didn't change me, it didn't change anything radical. Maybe nothing ever does. But it didn't even seem like a truly sincere attempt. And that's speaking from the inside. That's not to say that there weren't some really credible, interesting people."

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