Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ah, Michael Albert of ZNET has written a book....about himself

This is why I don't read Z-Net all that much. Some people have said that South End Press and Z-Net, and Z Magazine, can't be one person's bully pulpit because they're run with some sort of collective decisionmaking in place, but the only place I've seen people other than Albert post extensive articles, article after article, on their personal philosphy, combined with debates between, not various members of the collective but between Albert himself and basically anyone who doesn't agree with ParEcon, his own pet alternate economic system, is on personal blogs.

It's ok if you want to do this, but it's sort of a shame that Albert is, and has for a long time, used the popularity of Z Magazine and Z-Net to give his own personal views more exposure than they otherwise would have had.

Now he's progressed to the ultimate vanity act: The Memoir. Specifically, the memoir by an obscure sixties activist who markets himself on the back of the popularity of a magazine he's involved with.

A few years ago he came closer to this goal with "Trajectory of Change", his exhortation to the anti-globalization movement about how to procede.

No doubt Albert's book, Remembering Tomorrow, with charming section titles like "Dachau on the Charles", a reference to MIT, will take its rightful place next to other vanity books like "From Ike to Mao...and Beyond", by Bob Avakian.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that Remembering Tomorrow is actually published by Seven Stories press.

I'm part of the South End Press collective and I recently bought a copy of Albert's memoir because I do want to know more about the history of what I think was, and hope continues to be, an important political project. And since he hasn't worked at South End for something like 20 years I feel there will be the necessary critical distance.