Friday, March 16, 2007

College drug use, binge brinking, rise

I've seen this up close and personal in the form of a certain institution here I'll just call the "Leather Grain state college". All I can say is that this process will probably move inexorably to the natural resolution, a complete destruction of social norms on these campuses, and not in a good way either. What I mean by that is the transformation of more and more people into drinking, smoking, automatons who don't do it intelligently, who aren't exploring shit, but are just stupid fucks who have no comprehension of anything but "Let's get high!" or "Party!". The taking over of campuses by the John Belushi character in Animal House.

Anyways, that's that, but one paragraph in the article linked to above really caught my attention:

"However, the percentage of students who reported binge drinking three or more times during the previous two weeks increased from 19.7% in 1993 to 22.8% in 2001, the study found. In 2005, 83% of campus arrests involved alcohol, the study found."

Where they define binge drinking as having five or more drinks for guys and four or more drinks for women.

Five drinks is a lot, no matter how you divide it up. I'm thinking in terms of the Gin and Tonic scale...Ok, I could go into a bar and order one gin and tonic, drink it pretty fast, then order another one, and drink that one slower. Then hang out for a while so that it might be like forty five minutes, maybe thirty, then order another one. Drink it. But that would usually do it for me at a bar.

Anything beyond that would be self-conscious drinking intentionally to get fucked up.

What I wonder is how these students are able to do it three times in two weeks.

Usually when I go on a real drinking spree it takes me days to really feel normal again, and usually after that I don't want to go out drinking like that the next weekend.

So these kids must have done it once each weekend and then once sometime in either the week between the weekends or the week after the second weekend. How can they think?

Or is that what's wrong.

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