Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Gross Generation", about mainstream liberal expats after the Bush re-election, from "The eXile"

Funny and probably true, with some good lessons for you, Narodnik.

"The American liberal left-leaning intellectual expat you meet in Paris these days has a chip on his shoulder. He's been made a complete ass of, dragged and drowned in the mud even as he was trying to look virtuous and dignified and worthy of the trust of the whole nation. Incidentally, the most powerful nation in the world. The American liberal expat in France keeps reminding ya he knows better because he comes from the belly of the beast."

"But what'll drive the expat up the wall, is that you don't give a damn for the sob story. Because the American liberal expat puts a high price on suffering, never having suffered himself until recently, when his pride was hurt by the victorious neocons. The American liberal expat doesn't understand that it feels better to kick a concerned butt than an indifferent one, as opposed to his opponents who relished the opportunity - you begin to see why."

Although the rest of the story is entertaining, and much longer, than these two excerpts, especially as it skewers a particular type of upper middle class young liberal, I think this gets the gist of it.

Point is, people in other countries have gotten their asses kicked many a time. I think that both the people who had a mental breakdown over 9/11 and those who feel that Bush's America is the worst thing that could happen have a common problem in that they really don't realize that fate can be extremely cruel and that you shouldn't mistake the end of the play for what could just be the beginning act. People have been terrorized much more than on the one occasion of 9/11 and the United States could get much, much worse than Bush's America right now.

In a way, it's the utmost of pissing and whining, the utmost of entitlement that people on the right have had this sort of mental breakdown over 9/11.

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