Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's interesting with this Generation Y business...

That people have commented on the study that claimed Generation Y people were more narcissistic than others but no one has seemed to mention the most obvious contradiction: that for an objective and scientific study it makes the strange claim of attributing the results to "lax parenting", also citing nursery school rhymes that say "you are special". Now, to me this looks like a dead giveaway to the rank partisanship underlying the study. "Lax parenting"? According to who, and by what standard? They don't say.

Lax parenting. It's all the fault of those hippy boomers! Once that's clear the ducks fall into the row. Lax parenting on the part of Hippy parents is now leading to kids that are self centered and narcissistic, instead of being "realistic".

It's the revenge of the '60s generation, as prolonged by researchers with chips on their shoulders and marketed to people who, in the most part, don't give a shit anymore.

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