Monday, March 26, 2007

I've read something horrible

First, the posts below are much more important, this is just window dressing.

With that in mind let me quote you this from the "eXile" book. Yes, there is one and yes, I have it.

"Prague is an excellent example. I saw what happened to Prague, how it became a safe, tourist-friendly, boring little addition to the global village. Prague could have gone either way after the communists were thrown out. In 1991 it was still a mess--a heavy element of the mid-20th century still suffocated the average visitor: excess cement, crude architecture, terrible food. But Prague had one advantage from the Western point of view: good, cheap beer. Cheap Beer mean that the Germans would never leave the place alone. Cheap Beer meant that fresh-out-of college Americans would make it their home away from home. The young Czechs were desperate to rush the EU frat house, and the Semester at Sea Americans who shacke up there were effective in steering Prage away from its suspicious, time-warped past and toward the familiar:"

and these are the sentences that have me scared:

"something like Haight Street meets "Reality Bites". If they haven't already met."

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