Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lowered price on book from site drastically

As some of you may know I sell reprints from this site. The major one is a 720 page oversized book that contains all the posts, plus the former FAQ, from the beginning up to summer of 2004.

Previously, this book cost over $27.00, not including shipping. It was priced like this because at the time I had it offered by, who took a cut, along with the on-demand publisher, and combined they couldn't let me price it cheaper. As it turns out, the package that the publisher sold me, which ensured that it would be 'available' on, was sort of a rip off, but that's another story*. Anyways, the program has been discontinued and now the book is being offered only straight from So I've decided to lower the amount of money I get from a single book to a symbolic $1.00. Because of this change the book now costs $20.22, plus shipping and handling.

It's actually a good deal. I've written here before that I really wouldn't buy a $27.00 book unless it was really, really, something I needed or wanted, but a $20.22 book...maybe. Maybe.

Anyways, check it out.

*But another story that is interesting. I paid for it to be put on Amazon and get an ISBN, but it was listed as a "Used Book" only available through "" and didn't have such niceties as listing the author's name, or having a cover photo, or identifying the publisher, or being listed in any categories. Basically, if you didn't know EXACTLY what you were searching for there was no way in hell you'd ever find my book, offered on the vaunted "" website.

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