Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not to be a broken record but...

While it's important to be concerned that Bush fired some prosecutors for political reasons, I think it's more than a little ironic that this, rather than writing a memo justifying torture or overseeing PATRIOT-ACT abuses, is what everyone is calling Gonzales to resign for.

Seriously, the media, particularly the more mainstream section of the progressive media, i.e. places like the Huffington Post, are relentlessly going at it, as are the mainstream Democratic politicians in Washington.

It needs an explanation. Maybe the people who run the Huffington Post, from Huffington's Beverly Hills mansion on down, identify more with lawyers than they do with potential victims of the PATRIOT-ACT, and feel extra outraged. Certainly Hillary Clinton, who met Bill at Yale law school, might be feeling the sting of having the brotherhood and sisterhood of lawyers tarnished by this terrible act.

It's important, but why the fuck don't you want him removed for pushing for torture at Guantanamo? Why don't you push for having him removed for approving of beatings and psychological torture?

But the 'enemy combatants' aren't elite enough to matter. Plus, they're unpopular. And self interest always is.

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