Monday, March 19, 2007

An update on the "Jewish leaders wary of Obama" post.

Most of you people who read this probably know what the deal is with Palestine and the Palestinians. Therefore, I'll let this excerpt speak for itself in terms of its accuracy and the sort of connection to reality it demonstrates. Full story available via title link.

""His attack on cynicism, and another line about the 'cycle of violence' struck hard-line supporters of Israel as suggesting that the Israeli and Palestinian sides are equally to blame – something Obama himself has rejected in other, prepared remarks," writes Politico columnist Ben Smith. "Phrases like 'cycle of violence' and – worse still – pledges to be 'even-handed' are freighted with meaning in that context, and a second-hand report in January from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in January that Obama had once pledged to be 'even-handed' suggested to some Jewish critics that he was taking the Palestinian side."

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