Saturday, March 24, 2007

"What the Generation Y woman really wants"---by Willow Feather

What Generation Y women really want, and what Generation Y men really want, is to be conformists. There's not a lot of real information in the article that Willow Bay has penned beyond a simple affirmation of what mainstream American women, and not a few men, typically want.

Sample Quotes:

"On the job, they are re-writing the rules of the game. They say they want "more than just a job," -- they want a career they are passionate about."

"They'd much rather be their own boss. They've got tremendous entrepreneurial spirit! Running their own business satisfies -- in theory at least -- their desire for a career they love with the kind of control, and flexibility that accommodate the demands of children and a very full personal life. It's that 'balance' thing again."

"What they really want to be? Entrepreneurs
From a list of seven options, nearly half of all respondents said they would most like to be the owner of their own company (47%) - more than three-times the number who picked the next most popular selection, Nobel Prize Winner (14%). Moreover, self-employment received almost five-times as many votes as "president of a major corporation" (10%) - a position of equal prestige, but perhaps not comparable flexibility."

"Today's young women value control and flexibility over climbing the corporate ladder. Even the vast majority of Columbia MBA students I spoke with last fall told me they'd rather NOT be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Why not? "Those women don't have families and children" they said. These next generation business leaders told us the pressure-cooker career that goes with the high powered title wasn't worth the sacrifice. They'll choose another career option even if it means forging a new path of their own."

Talk about utterly banal. Nothing new here, just the sad confirmation that Generation Y'ers are for the most part not a radical bunch of people. The mainstream is mainstream, and the radicals are on the edges.

And talk about that entrepreneurial spirit!

It applies to the men of Generation Y only but I think Jello Biafra's lyric in 'Life Sentence' is applicable. These guys want to "Major in business and be taught how to fuck".

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