Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aftermath, Inside the League, the Beast Reawakens, and Dreamer of the Day

Which are the books added in the anti-fascist section. They're all good and are all non-bullshit books. All of them are based on extensive research and reporting. The way I've arranged it goes in chronological order: Aftermath deals with Nazi survivals in South America starting from the end of the second world war, Inside the League deals with the World Anti-Communist League, which somewhat took up the slack from the Nazi survival organizations, Beast Reawakens, which is the most comprehensive book, traces the evolution of neo-fascism from the end of the second world war to the late '90s, while Dreamer of the Day focuses specifically on predecessors of the New Right and the Third Positionists through looking at the person of Francis Parker Yockey, tracing that particular current, which declares itself "Beyond left and right", from the post war years to about the present day.

I'll blog on what the books under the "Popular Front" section are about later in the day.

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