Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The anti-fascist links.

I'm going to keep this brief because I've got to get going but the anti-fascist links and the similar books were, and will be, dedicated to combatting a new current of ultra-right thought in the U.S. connected to the "New Right" in Europe and typified by the "Third Position" and "National Anarchist" currents. The reason why these things are so dangerous is that they aren't like traditional neo-nazi groups. They state that they're somewhat socialist and the thought that they put up on their websites isn't blatantly racist. They often do have articles about idiosyncratic socialist figures, but they combine it with admiration for fascist intellectuals in Italy, Nazis like Gregor Strasser, who they characterize as the more socialist leader of the National Socialists, Julius Evola, who was a favorite of the SS, confidant of Mussolini, and later one of the main advocates of a renewed neo-fascism in postwar Europe. They will respond to charges that they're racist or, in the case of the "National Anarchists", that they're fascist, by using the fact that they're literature isn't blatantly like that for plausable deniability. I think that the danger in the U.S. is that, unlike regular neo-Nazis, these people have the potential to actually attract a mass following. That's not to say that the pseudo-fascist currents in the Bush supporters camp have anything to do with Third Positionists but these guys are a parallel threat.

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