Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The apotheosis of self directed ironic advertizing

I received a postcard handbill, or whatever the fuck you call those things, for a local pizza chain that shall remain nameless that said "The Scam, Go ahead....we dare you " on one side and then "The Scam. Here's your ticket to SCAM ***** Pizza! Go ahead....we dare you!". Yeah. I'm sure that an officially offered deal by this company is a scam. But it appeals to people's cool factor, right? They're saying that they're 'edgy', that they can laugh at themselves and that they're sarcastic, so you should buy their pizza. This is the Northwest, home of irony, especially Olympia, right? It should work. Dude, it feels so, like 1998 around here, you know?

Anyways, people who fall for this will be walking examples of irony themselves, but the coupon itself is just pathetic.

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