Friday, April 13, 2007

Living inside our hope by Staughton Lynd

Staughton Lynd belongs to the group of folks who came after the heyday of the old left but before the New Left really got started. These folks were a sort of mix of both. Lynd served as a kind of mentor to New Left people. This is a collection of his essays, from the seventies to '95. Deals with a wide range of subjects, including a proposal for how to make the New Left come back, which goes into detail about combining some of the Old Left kinds of organizing and concerns with things the New Left introduced. After being involved with the anti-war movement and the civil rights struggle Lynd became a lawyer and involved himself with labor related organizing in Ohio, which he's still doing. He's been doing it for about thirty years.

The book is really good, talks about everything from left Marxism to the Quakers to the historian of working class movements in England E.P. Thompson.

Inspiring. Says we have to "Live inside our hope", not our fears, and that we have to be "Long Distance Runners" and not just think in the short term.

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