Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Money and Evergreen

Bitching about costs is a favorite past time for students of The Evergreen State College, of which I'm a proud alumnus, but costs are one of those funny things that can never be cheap enough. If you're a resident of Washington State for tuition purposes, something that you can be denied even if you have a drivers' license, pay taxes, and work, the tuition for a year at Evergreen is roughly that of a semester at the lowest priced public colleges in the state I come from, Michigan. Think about that. This means half of the price of very small regional schools. There is no school in the Michigan university system that is as cheap as Evergreen, and although some schools have somewhat liberal/experimental programs, nothing compares in experimental-ness to Evergreen. The closest thing is the U of M Residential College, with U of M being the most expensive college in the Michigan state system. If you want to go to the U of M Residential College a years tuition at Evergreen will halfway cover one semester. That's in state tuition.

Similarly, one year of out of state tuition to Evergreen costs less than one year in state tuition to Michigan State, which is between U of M and places like Wayne State in terms of cost. Wayne State actually is a real deal for your money...but it's still twice the amount of Evergreen in state tuition.

I always wonder when people complain about Evergreen being too expensive. Of course, if you bring this up you're accused of being some rich person who's out of touch with reality and therefore doesn't know the struggle of people who have to pay who work and, and, and...

No, that's not it at all. I just know the price of college in states other than Washington and while financing college is increasingly difficult, I haven't seen anything that's cheaper than Evergreen.

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