Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More on censoring music for offensive content

In this case for misogynistic content and for violent content. Tasteless? Well, lets put it this way: if they search the room of the kid who did the shooting on monday and find something like KMFDM, which they found in the rooms of the Columbine killers, then we'll be treated to an orgy of calls to censor violence in music on top of the calls already that have come since Imus to censor misogyny in rap.

I'd like to put something forward: if you support this sort of censorship you better burn all the music from the early to mid '90s that you own and all of the independent films from that era, because they all had, at leat in the Alternative world, a hefty dose of anti-PC mixed in with them.

Case in point: Pulp Fiction. They shoot lots and lots of people, use foul language, and snort heroin. Do you think that any of that would be permissable in a world where PC rules? Tarantino is anything but a conservative, too. Burn your Nirvana, because they were openly against PC bullshit, something that they made known at their shows. Don't listen to Sonic Youth. "We're going to kill the california girls"? How anti-woman, even though Kim Gordon devotes a hell of a lot of lyrics to attacking discrimination against women.

Jane's god, Perry Ferrel is the anti-Christ in this way of thinking, as is Ministry. KMFDM is something better left alone. My life with the thrill kill kult? The name disqualifies them as well as their entire album "Sexplosion!", with songs like "Sex on Wheels" and "Leathersex".

And don't even get me started on 'zines. The real fucking zines out there were the opposite of politically correct in virtually every sense that you could be. Ditto underground comics of this time period.

The Alternative Culture was an Alternative not just to mainstream bullshit but to the twin demons of conservative Christian hypocrisy and PC fascist liberalism.

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