Friday, April 13, 2007

The Network of Spiritual Progressives

Saw on Lane County cable access in Eugene a lecture by Rabbi Michael Lerner on how alienation created by capitalism is being co-opted by the religious right and sort of ignored by the left. Was really impressed. What he conceives as the solution is located in a spiritual framework. I disagree that addressing alienation has to have something to do with a religious framework, I think that spirituality is sometimes used as a catchall term when people don't know where to put things, but Lerner is one of the few people talking about it at all and his Network of Religious Progressives is a project coming out of that thinking. It also addresses the problem of extreme anti-religiousity in some parts of the liberal and left spheres. And rebuts the notion that if you object to this than you're a stealth conservative.

I'm not a conventionally religious person; I'm not a Christian; but I do have a spirituality, that's private and that I usually don't discuss but that I take very seriously, and the notion of a spiritual progressive's network appeals to me.

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