Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nice Pandagon post about the metapolitics of blogging.

The quote below doesn't do it justice. It goes way beyond just saying that bloggers are better at being commentators than at being journalists.

"It seems to me that the other reason that people are a little unwilling to state that bloggers offer direct competition to the punditocracy is that we haven’t “paid our dues”. The career path of a traditional pundit is to be a journalist, learn the ropes, get into the system, and then start opinionating. It seems unfair to have people just start a blog and start having influence without paying those dues. I can see how this makes people flinch some and therefore look to “citizen journalism” to legitimize blogging, but they shouldn’t. Dues-paying is precisely the reason that a lot of mainstream pundits are so conservative and insular and scared to proffer opinions that could damage their social standing in political circles. In a democracy, the everyday person aspect of blogging is critical."

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